Forum Posting Service


  • Posting would be made in 30+ words, fluent English.
  • We use dofollow forums.
  • We do manual work only.
  • You have complete control over the links
  • Report would be provided in spread sheet containing no. of approved links, user id and password.
  • We can use up to 3 links in a signature.
  • We need 5 days to complete an order.


  1. 100 links from 20 forums – $30
  2. 200 links from 40 forums – $55
  3. 400 links from 80 forums – $100
  4. 1000 links from 200 forums – $225

Forum Links

→ Note: after payment, please send Paypal Transaction Id and your website details (keywords and URL) to

Long Term Forum Posting Plan

Plan No. of Forum Posts Discount Discounted Price
One Month 400 5% $114
Three Months 1200 10% $324
Six Months 2400 10% $648
One Year 5000 10% $1350


Forum Posting provides services for many purposes such as link building, developing a new forum, advertisement, building brand name of companies and others such as:

linkbuildingLink building – we can obtain highly quality and relevant links from forums what we need to do is to join related forums according to niche of our site and start posting with a link of our website in signature, this would give mainly two benefits, backlinks and targeted visitors to our site.


developinganewforumDeveloping a new forum – any new forum requires content first, we do forum posting to develop content so that it would have content and it would look natural so any visitors would like to join the forum, because they think that it is an active forum with lots of true information on the topic.


advertisementAdvertisement – Forums can also be used for advertisement purposes and anything can be advertised in a discussion board. For example if you want us to advertise a software or plug-in then we would join some top software forums and we would create threads about your software or other products so that other members of forums would get familiar with your products and they would like to check your website as we use your website URL in the signature.


brandnameBuilding brand name – what we do is we join related discussion boards and start discussion about your products and services this way we are building brand name of your company along with sending targeted visitors to your site as we use the link in signature. If there is any question in forums we would try to solve by providing true information of your company, your websites etc.


seoSEO – search engines give higher value to forums than others, because it is society friendly, free to use, any people can join forum and ask questions, answer questions, these things help society grow in terms of information, knowledge, and latest news in the world. Most importantly, forum content is indexed faster than other CMS; it is indexed even in minutes.


custompackagesCustom packages – We provide different packages in forum posting depending on your budget, your business requirements giving you too much flexibility. Moreover, you can discuss with our chat support and let us know if you need any custom packages and we would come up with any solution to assist you in better manner in terms of developing your business.


supportSupport – we provide 24×7 chat and email support, if you have any question you can get answer to your question immediately.


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